Hendrick’s Gin Pop-up Lab | The Glorious Curiosities Cocktail Laboratory

This might be the coolest alcohol label there is…like in the whole world…. Yesterday I visited the Pop-up Lab by Hendricks Gin. Finally a brand that understands the meaning of Concepting. The event was at Brug 9, an old basement under the bridge at the Singel was completely in style of Hendricks Gin. Four years ago I had an Hendricks party in London in Bungalow 8, that was completely over the top, everybody dressed up as Dandy, and they served drinks in teacups. This wasn’t exactly the case here since the Dutch are not THAT extravagant, but still, Hendricks went all the way. Normally I am not a G+T drinker, but from now on I am, just because I like the brand so much… Hendricks Gin Is a very soft gin which has an infusion of Cucumber essence and Bulgarian rose petals. I LIKE, so the lucky ones who will have dinner at my place tonight will be served H(endricks)G+T+C(ucumber)


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