DIY – Tie dye jeans

Don’t you just love these Isabel Marant S/S 2012 jeans?

Well since they are not available yet,
I got inspired and decided to create my own!
What you need:
– A pair of old dark jeans
– Rubber bands
– Bleach

Take your pair of old jeans and tie with rubber bands until it is all bundled.

Mix the bleach with water, I really have no idea how much of each…
But I ended up using my hole bottle of bleach! haha

Place the jeans in the solution and don’t forget to use rubber gloves!!
I was told to leave it for two hours… so after two hours I went and to have look, but nothing had happened..
After three hours…. nothing happened.
After four hours…. nothing happened.

So I decided to leave them for the night… In the morning I found a little white package…
So I took of the rubber bands and put them in the washing machine..

et voila…


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