GIVE IT TO ME!!!! Gosh…I ADORE this suit by Alexander McQueen… Pastels are so HOT this season… Unfortunately it is a bit above my budget for now….


My New Alexander Wang shoes

OK…. I have to tell you something…. I actually was not allowed to buy anything this whole month… BUT firstly I bought this in sale… and secondly online, so I figured it would be delivered in February, and…. in addition… be taken out of my account in February since I paid with my credit card… How could I have known that they were here so fast! Well actually I should have known since if you order with us you receive it the next day as well. But still I LOVE them….What do you think? Will show how I wear it soon….

DIY – Tie dye jeans

Don’t you just love these Isabel Marant S/S 2012 jeans?

Well since they are not available yet,
I got inspired and decided to create my own!
What you need:
– A pair of old dark jeans
– Rubber bands
– Bleach

Take your pair of old jeans and tie with rubber bands until it is all bundled.

Mix the bleach with water, I really have no idea how much of each…
But I ended up using my hole bottle of bleach! haha

Place the jeans in the solution and don’t forget to use rubber gloves!!
I was told to leave it for two hours… so after two hours I went and to have look, but nothing had happened..
After three hours…. nothing happened.
After four hours…. nothing happened.

So I decided to leave them for the night… In the morning I found a little white package…
So I took of the rubber bands and put them in the washing machine..

et voila…

Speel met stijl awards | Outift

Yesterday we had the speel met stijl award which was a colaboration between Grazia and Holland Casino. I was there only for one hour, but this was my outfit! Don’t look at the carpet, I was trying to find a place without it but it didn’t exist….

Dress: Gryphon New York

Clutch: Valorie Anya Hindmarch

Bracelet: Bibi van der Velden

Shoes: Freelance


2011 | 10 | 24

Hello! So…. it took a while for a new outfit post! From now on I will update you more regularly… PROMISE! Pinky swear… We have the whole new winter collection in at The Collector and I am OBSESSED with these Avelon jeans. The designer of Avelon just won the Marie Claire ‘Prix de la mode” category Best Designer, and because of that we will offer a 10% discount for a week! SO BE QUICK! The other thing I adore right now are poncho’s, it is so easy to wear and always makes a look styled one way or the other…

Poncho: Anecdote

Jeans: Avelon zip jeans

Shoes: Paul Warmer

Rings: Pomelato

Hat: Merci

Glasses: Prism