At the collector we firmly believe in individual style. We don’t just follow trends because they are cool, or buy brands because they have a good name. We want to make a selection of our own favourites. This means we search all over the world to look for new brands to keep the website up to date.  We work together with stylists and designers to create a whole look. In addition, we don’t buy a lot of the products, sometimes even just one per size, this because when we buy something for ourselves we don’t want the neighbour to look the same as well.

From all our travels we will pick up “Collector’s items” we search on flea markets and souks to find you things that are so beautiful we could leave there! These products are mainly one of a kind, or vintage or just very special. The products keep on changing so keep an eye out for them.

In addition we ask prominent people in the fashion industry to create a look for our visitors. Some of them use their own products which get a special place on the website and is only available that month. Some of them use only the products on the website.

To finish it off we have created a magazine. Not just about our own products, but we want to give you information as well, about new trends, new cool brands, cool designers and more. We ourselves like to be up to date with the latest, and would like to share that with you!


The Collector.

Eerste van der Helststraat 1D  | 1073 AA Amsterdam | The Netherlands


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