Yesterday Foam opened its newest initiative: &Foam, a unique new concept store located at the Vijzelstraat in Amsterdam, selling photography magazine, books, prints and more. The new concept store opens with a unique combination of photography and fashion. The collection contains a large number of photography books, such as those by fashion photographers Terry Richardson, Hedi Slimane and Richard Avedon.

Four times a year & foam will engage in new collaborations.
The kick off will be Fashion&Foam,
Music&Foam, Design&Foam and Film&Foam will follow later in the year.


My New Alexander Wang shoes

OK…. I have to tell you something…. I actually was not allowed to buy anything this whole month… BUT firstly I bought this in sale… and secondly online, so I figured it would be delivered in February, and…. in addition… be taken out of my account in February since I paid with my credit card… How could I have known that they were here so fast! Well actually I should have known since if you order with us you receive it the next day as well. But still I LOVE them….What do you think? Will show how I wear it soon….

24 Hours museum by Prada

Prada opened their 24 hours museum yesterday in Paris. The initiative was to continue their exploration of reciprocal influences in visual arts, cinema and theatre.The 24 hours museum was designed by Francesco Vezzoli together with AMO (Dutch Pride: Rem Koolhaas’ think tank). The museum is only open for 24 hours (hence the name) in Palais d’Iena.

The museum is divided in three sections, historic, contemporary and forgotten. Vezolli is creating a “non-existent museum” where he shows his personal tribute to the eternal allure of femininity. But you have to take a look for yourself to understand….

When I lived in Londen, Prada had a similar initiative with the Double Club which was a pop up club and was a tremendous success. Don’t forget to take a look on their website as well!

DIY – Tie dye jeans

Don’t you just love these Isabel Marant S/S 2012 jeans?

Well since they are not available yet,
I got inspired and decided to create my own!
What you need:
– A pair of old dark jeans
– Rubber bands
– Bleach

Take your pair of old jeans and tie with rubber bands until it is all bundled.

Mix the bleach with water, I really have no idea how much of each…
But I ended up using my hole bottle of bleach! haha

Place the jeans in the solution and don’t forget to use rubber gloves!!
I was told to leave it for two hours… so after two hours I went and to have look, but nothing had happened..
After three hours…. nothing happened.
After four hours…. nothing happened.

So I decided to leave them for the night… In the morning I found a little white package…
So I took of the rubber bands and put them in the washing machine..

et voila…


It’s a man’s world – We’ve seen it before and it’s a big trend. The world has been fixated with transgendered and androgynous models like Andrej Pejic, Lea T. and Jana K. who have appeared on magazine covers, runways, and fashion campaigns. This week Fashion Canada released its February issue featuring Andrej Pejic. The androgynous model wears a mix of edgy and elegant looks photographed by Moo King.

andrej pejic Andrej Pejic by Moo King for <em>Fashion Canada</em> February 2012

La Maison | Champs élysées by Maison Martin Margiela

I adore this hotel in the middle of Paris in the 8th arrondissement. La Maison Champs élysées has been decorated by Maison Martin Margiela…Like what can’t they do…. I especially love the Curiosity Case Suite, it looks like our office actually. Soon we will be open for everyone to see and discover our Curiosity Office, but more about that soon….really soon….!